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Golf Website Design
2nd of January 2019 by Lewis

Web Design you won't FORE-GET

The team at Golf Holidays Direct organise Golf holidays across to globe for thousands of clients a year. This ambitous project took a 400+ page website and rebuilt every page into a more modern design. After some initial research into active users before the rebuild, the age range of the websites users were between 25-65 so the aim was to create a website solution that was able to be used by a wide range of abilities.

Despite the workload, we were able to complete the project ahead of the set deadlines. Take a read what Lewis Remington, the managing director had to say about our work on our testimonials page here.

Following from the website build, we've continued to work with them developing an entire booking system that is linked directly with the website to manage enquiries as they come in, enourmously free-ing up the teams time. Alongside this, there have been on-going efforts on the SEO front which have seen some impressive results. the website ranks very well for selected keywords and our hosting package handles the high volume of users with ease.