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Stem! Sugar Biochemist
1st of May 2019 by Lewis

Sweet web design!

Stem! Sugar is a new startup company that has some very exciting products. They develop a healthy alternative to your standard sugar products you'd use in baking, without sacrificing on the taste of your home-cooked goodies. A very impressive natural alternative which is gaining traction quickly. So naturally, they needed an exciting website to match.

There was a heavy focus on imagery to draw the users in whist maintaining a balance with the content shown on the page. The design used their logo to add some depth to the page and some fun animations like scrolling parallax.

Along with the website design and development, we also cut down some clips into a video banner format which is the first thing that is seen when you land on the homepage, drawing the users in straight away (whilst making their stomachs rumble, is it lunch yet?).