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We've compiled a list of useful guides to assist you in getting started with some tasks such as email setup, CMs editing guides etc. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us!

Setting up Microsoft Outlook

6th of November 2018 by Lewis

Setting up Microsoft Outlook

This guide will aim to walk you through the setup of your email account on Microsoft's Outlook software. At this stage we assume you have received your email login information and are ready to set it up. When you first load Outlook, it may give you the option to add an account straight away,...

Apple Mail Dashboard

5th of November 2018 by Lewis

Setting up Apple Mail

This guide aims to walk you through setting up your new email address on your MAC laptop. We will assume at this point you have recieved your email and password login from us and are now attempting to set it up. This guide will walk you through Apple Mail. We need to open Apple Mail on your ...