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Custom Business Emails
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Make that first impression count

Have you ever felt awkward giving our your email to prospective clients because it's "one you made years ago and can't change", well johnsmithyy1@, let's change that.

Having an email address tied to your business domain can be a great tool for building trust between you and your clients as well as projecting the business in a much more professional light. 

Custom email plans

What do you think is more impressive when receiving a proposal for a big project of work - getting an email from [email protected] or [email protected]. We're sure everyone would agree the latter because it represents the brand in a much more professional light!

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How do automatic signatures work?

Traditionally for a signature you would make it and install it on your program, but that might need updating - and what about doing that across the whole company? Our automatic signatures take that pain away by centralising it into once place making updates easy and attaching it automatically.

How many devices can I use Office365 on?

With our email accounts that come with Office 365, you can register up to 5 devices to use the programs. That means you can active Office 365 on your home laptop & work desktop along with 3 others.

Is my data secure?

All email data is passed through the Microsoft Exchange servers giving you enterprise-level security for all your data. All our services are fully GDPR compliant so you can be sure your data is safe and secure.

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