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The face of a business today can make or break a sale. Especially in the era of Google, customers make very quick decisions of what websites they'll visit and what brand they'll trust based off the appearance. That's why it's vital to have solid branding across the board to you can be recognised across all social media platforms and create a brand identity that your customers and clients can trust.

Included in our Graphic Design

What's Included?

Whether you're a new business looking for a fresh brand identity or are already established but are in the need for some up to date branding, then we've got you covered. We can help supply graphics for everything from logo design and social media banners, all the way to brochure designs for you to take to client meetings or hand out at events. All of our initial design stages are unlimited meaning we'll continue to develop the ideas until you're 100% happy with the look, it is your brand after all! After we've got the look locked down, it's up to our designers to make it digital and supply you with the files needed to take to your local printer or upload to your social media platforms. This can be ideal for a new startup business when working with our bespoke web design so your new website can launch with a strong brand aimed to set you apart from your competition.

Unlimited Layout Design Stage

Unlimited Layout Design Stage

Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Variety of Formats

Variety of Formats

Social Media Packages

Social Media Packages

Brand Identity


  • Unlimited initial design stage
  • Logo design (supplied in PNG, JPEG, PDF and SVG)
  • Font's supplied
  • Colour charts
  • Branding usage guidelines
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Social Media


  • Everything from the Brand Identity package
  • Banners and Profile Images supplied for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn
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Brochure Design

£150**from price, page dependent

  • Up to 8 pages (additional pages charged per page)
  • Unlimited initial layout design stage
  • Using your existing branding, we'll design you a brochure to advertise your products and/or services
  • We can assist in the writing of the content (this is dependent on the page count)
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